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BMI Airways

Ground Floor Terminal Building, Aeropuerto de Girona, Vilobi D,Onyar, 17185 Girona, Spain
+44 1332 64 8181
+44 1709 314993

BMI (British Midland Airways) are the UK´s second largest airline, flying to Girona Airport from Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester. There´s one flight per day to and from each destination.

BMI office at Barcelona Airport: +34 93 298 3838


The staff are always reported to be very friendly and helpful on BMI flights, and there aren´t too many delays. They offer reasonable prices, and they have business class options as well as economy.


Be careful when you book, because the original asking price is much less than what you end up paying. The tax is very high, charging over 25% more than the original price. They also charge for every piece of luggage checked in, even if it is below the required weight limit.

Extra charges:

You can check in online for free, but this is only if you´re only carrying hand luggage. They charge 12.78 euros (7.99 pounds) for each piece of luggage booked online, and 19 euros if you book it at the airport. The baggage limit is 20kg, and passengers can check in up to 5 bags if they are under this weight combined. There is an extra charge of 10 euros (6 pounds) per extra kilo over the weight limit. The maximum weight of any checked in item is 32 kg. Hand luggage must weigh less than 10kg. Sports equipment and musical instruments cost 28 euros each if you book online, and 36 euros if booked at the airport.

Reserving a seat in advance costs 9.60 euros, and 16 euros for a seat with extra leg room. Name changes for passengers cost 56 euros (35 pounds) and flight changes cost 30 euros (20 pounds).

There are no charges for using a Visa Electron card, but debit cards incur a 2% booking fee and credit cards are charged at 3% for every booking.

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