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This section provides advice and tips concerning Girona Airport and its services, as well as security issues and extra charges.

Different Airport Names

Girona Airport is known by various different names, which can cause confusion, especially when booking your flights. The Spanish name is GIRONA, but the Catalan name is GERONA, so these names are used interchangeably. There are other variations too; for example, Ryanair calls it Barcelona-Girona Airport, while others call it Gerona-Costa Brava or Girona-Costa Brava. The code for Girona airport is GRO. The ICAO airport code is LEGE.


Different Airport Names

Girona Airport does not have any kind of Embassy or Diplomatic representation. If you loose your document or Passport you cannot check in to a Ryan air flight. Most aerolinias accept the complaint with the police theft of your passport, but Ryan air does not accept this. If you loose your document you better don't loose your time coming to this airport and trying to check in the airplain.

Checking in

Be careful to ensure you arrive at Girona Airport in good time for your flight. For most flights within Europe, check-in opens two hours before your flight, closing 40 minutes before take-off. For international flights, the normal check-in closing time is 1 hour and a half before your flight. (Make sure you leave enough time to get through security and get to your gate.) Please check with your specific airline by following the link in our Flight Destinations section to find out more information on check-in policies.

Extra charges

In recent years, most airlines (including budget ones) add extra charges for checking in luggage, extra bags, bags over the weight limit, specific seat reservations, priority boarding and flight changes. Please see our Flight Destinations for specific information on each airline's extra charges. Special attention should be paid for those travelling with Ryanair, as they tend to add the most charges.

Lost luggage

If your luggage is lost, go to the information desk of the airline you flew with. Some of the smaller airlines don´t have their own resident desk at Girona Airport, so you´ll need to go to the Aena desk to report your missing luggage.


Transport to and from Girona Airport

Girona Airport provides good transport services, but be careful with taxis. The price per kilometre in a Girona taxi is 1.08 euros per kilometre. We strongly advise against taking a taxi to or from Barcelona city centre, as this can cost up to 120 euros. The bus service is excellent as it is set up to correspond to Girona Airport's specific flight departures and arrivals. However, bear in mind that the buses stop at midnight, so if your flight arrives late and you want to travel a long distance, your options are car hire, taxi, or staying in one of the nearby hotels (see our transport section and hotel section for more details on these options).

Also, be aware that Girona Airport does NOT have a train station, so the only option is to take a train to Girona, and then take a bus or taxi from there to the Airport.


Taxis from Estació del Nord in Barcelona

Be aware with taxis taken from Estació del Nord, when you arrive with the bus from Girona airport to Barcelona bus station. Normally there are no problems with taxi drivers around the city, but the most dishonest ones are operating by this station.

The normal cost for a ride to Barcelona center from estació del Nord is around 6 to 8 euros, including suplement for large size baggage or night fee. DO NOT pay more than 10 euros for any trip around Barcelona from Estació del Nord.

To avoid any problems with the taxi, check that the green light on the top of the car is switched on, and turned off when you get into the car. Be aware that the "taximetro" is turned on when you start the ride, with a starting price of maximum 1.75 euros during the day and night, and 2.90 euros starting price on the weekends during night (thursday, friday and saturday night).

Second, give to the driver your address and tell him you will NOT PAY MORE THAN 10 euros for the ride.

If you get cheated by a taxi driver, you should do the following:

  1. Ask for the receipt to the taxi driver with his license number, picking up point address and time, drop off address and time, and total cost with VAT included.
  2. Go to your hotel reception to ask for help.
  3. If any of these options are possible, try to contact the police and the taxi association's number. 

Services in the terminal building

Although Girona Airport does have restaurants and shops, their services are very limited. There is a restaurant and a few cafes, as well as a couple of shops both in arrivals and past security. There are three cash machines, but there are no facilities for exchanging money, so make sure you sort this out elsewhere. The shops have magazines, food, and drinks, but they do NOT sell tabacco or alcohol, and do not sell foreign newspapers, so make sure you stock up before you get to the airport. Please see our Services section for more information on the services available inside the terminal building.


Estacio Nord is Barcelona's main bus station and connects Girona Airport to the city centre. Be careful with your bags as pick-pockets operate in this area, and tourists are their number one target. You should also be careful in the main busy tourist areas such as Las Ramblas, the Barri Gotic and La Boqueria. Only carry bags with secure zips, and keep your eye on them at all times.


There are three different police authorities in Catalunya, all handling different legal affairs. You will find more information about each establishment in our Security section, but be aware that if you do happen to get mugged, you should contact the regional police, called the Mossos d´Esquadre. They deal almost exclusively with these sorts of crimes.



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