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The pilots' strike in protest against the creation of Iberia Express, will be the next 18 and 29 of December 2011, according to the union just announced SEPLA.

"They have chosen this time to do the least possible harm to the Spanish tourist industry. We do not want to hurt the company if it does. With little movement of travelers," he assured the chief union SEPLA in Iberia, Justo Peral.

The strike will affect 10% of scheduled flights during these days, it has secured 90% of the flights for minimal services. The affected routes will be announced when establishing the minimum service by the Ministry of Development, which will be done soon, "although it is normal if operated only made journeys Iberia or in which there is only one daily frequency."

Also, the SEPLA explained that he has met with the new Executive. "Precisely because we do not give a bad image to the new rulers, as we will be the first strike of the elected government," he stated.

The group was left alone in the call, once the ground staff and cabin crew (TCP) on Monday decided not to join the strikes.

So, from the SEPLA welcomed the rest of the unions "have made the company wants to negotiate with each of these conditions, as they will in the coming days."

However, they regretted that Iberia "does not want to continue negotiating" with the pilots, since, according to the union, "the conditions imposed on trading by the company based on the assumption of illegality" by creating Iberia Express, While criticizing the company does not want written assurance jobs.

Iberia pilots' union reiterated its proposal to introduce SEPLA a mediator in the negotiation of the Collective Agreement VIII, as it did during its last meeting on 28 November and asked him to state whether it is willing to resume negotiations.

The airline has said that the proposal submitted by the trade union section of SEPLA in Iberia with respect to the change of model short and medium haul only has savings of 15 million euros a year compared to 100 million per year will save the airline with the creation Iberia subsidiary of Express.

The pilots on their part to resume the negotiation demand "from the point where he was" insisting that the launch of the new 'low cost' "violates the collective agreement", in Annex 10, a clause guaranteeing the collective operate connecting flights on long-haul routes.

Therefore, the claim SEPL announced that a mediation if the company refuses to negotiate on the terms that had been developing throughout the negotiation process.

The union fears that the new 'low cost' Express Iberia serves to make the Spanish airline in the "little brother" of the 'holding' IAG, on behalf of British Airways (BA), which, he says, "grow in the long haul at the expense of Iberia ".

Finally, at the extraordinary plenary session of the Committee on Iberia flight, the SEPLA is committed to defending the "desegregation" of the company along with the other groups and join them if the negotiations fail and decide to finally hold demonstrations

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