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Transport between Girona Airport and Lleida

This article informs you about the different ways to get from Girona Airport to Lleida Lleida to or from Girona Airport. You can choose to take the taxi, book a transfer or take a public bus Taisa offers. It is also possible to rent a car with any of the companies operating in this airport.

Taxi from Girona Airport (GRO) and Lleida.

One option is to take a taxi from the Airport to Girona Lleida. Taxis wait just outside the airport after baggage claim. The approximate cost of the taxi ride between Girona and Lleida Airport is 400 €

 The travel time is 2 h 15 min andthe distance is 217 km

Tele Radio Lleida, Carrer de la Libertad, 54, 25005 Phone: +34 973 203 050.

Taxis Lleida, Carrer Taquígraf Martí, 9, 25008 Lleida


Main taxi ranks in Lleida.

Stop RENFE: Pl. Berenguer IV, s / n, Lleida

Stop Arnau: Av. Rovira Roure, 80, Lleida

Stop Ricard Vinyes: Av. Prat de la Riba, 1, Lleida

Stop Bordeta: C / Terol, 1, Lleida

  dia festive night
flag fall 2.27 2.65
Km. Route 0.90 1.15
minimum career 4.20 5,06
supplement suitcase 0.71 Departure station Renfe 0.71
  Airport arrival and departure 3,10 


Central taxi girona phone: +34 972203377 / +34 972 222 323.


  Monday Saturdays, holidays
   Friday working and weekday
concept de 8 a 20h working de 20 a 8h
Price per kilometer or fraction 0,68€ 0,75€
Price per hour waiting 18,60€ 20,68€
Price per fraction every 15 minutes 4,65€ 5,17€
Minimum charge 6,05€ 6,70€
Supplement for excess baggage 2,10€ 2,10€
Supplement entering or leaving the airport 3,10€ 3,10€

Transfer from Girona Airport (GRO) and Blanes.

This is definitely the best option to reach Lleida from Girona Airport (GRO)

pax 4-355

pax 7-410

pax 12-480

pax 16-520

For a quote and book your transfer you can do it directly on this page with all guarantees.

Between Girona Airport (GRO) to Lleida Bus

Teisa offers the service of public transport by bus from Girona Airport to Lleida. This option is the most economical, with a cost of € 24.80 (round) round 43.65 The tour lasts 2h 30 min. Below is the schedule of buses that can take you from the airport to Lleida.

Girona Bus Station: +34 972200275

Teisa Phone: +34 972204868


Lleida Bus Station Phone: 973268500

Address bus station Lleida: Carrer Saracibar, 2, 25002 Lleida


monday to friday     monday to friday  
airport       airport
girona (GRO) lleida   lleida girona (GRO)
14.45 18,05   6.15 9.35
19.30 22.50   14.30 17.50
      17.30 20.50
Saturday and Sunday     Saturday and Sunday  
8.45 12,05   8.30 11.50
17.45 21,05   17.30 20.50


Bus from Girona Airport (GRO) and Girona by bus between Girona and Lleida by train.

There is the possibility to catch a bus to the bus station in Girona with the carrier Sagalés, and from this station to catch the train to Lleida. The bus frequency from GRO to the bus station is good, and the train station is opposite the bus station.

The phone Gerona bus station is +34 972202432

The telephone station in Gerona is +34 972203898

The phone is +34 972213322 Sagalés

The bus between girona airport and city girona priceless 2.75 and 5.25 euros each way round, the route is 15 km and lasts 20-25 min.

Departure of the buses from girona airport to the city are: 9.40, 12.00, 14.35, 20.30, 00.05.

Departure from the bus station to the airport girona: 8.45, 10.45, 12.00, 19.30.

Trains between Girona and Lleida is priced at 30-90 euros a vat and vat 55-182 trip, the journey takes between 2 h and 2.30 h

Departure times from 7.00 to 19.37 every day in both directions, from Monday to Friday there are 18 outlets, Saturday 10 and Sunday September.

The last option is to rent a car with any of the companies inside the airport.

Enterprise Atesa Phone: +34 972068002

Europcar Phone: +34 972186618

Goldcar Phone: +34 965233179

Hertz Phone: +34 972186619

There are other companies in the airport car park.

Solmar Phone: + 34 972474693

Avis Phone: +34 972474333

Budget Phone: +34 902 090249

Centauro Rent a Car Phone: +34 966830159

Fire Fly Car Rent Phone: +34 972186619

Car rental companies in Lleida.

Avis Lleida Phone: +34 973260640

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Phone: +34 973212428

Europcar Phone: +34 973240054

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