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Ryanair offers daily flights between Girona Airport and Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is just 10km north of the city centre.


There is one flight per day to Dublin from Girona, which is at 6 in the evening. There are two flights per day from Dublin to Girona - one in the morning and one in the evening. The flight takes 3 hours, so all flights arrive in good time to take public transport connections. Even if your flight is delayed, the aircoach service runs between the airport and the city centre 24 hours a day.

Although Aerlingus offers flights between Dublin Airport and Barcelona Airport, only one of each flight leaves at a convenient time, and Ryanair´s prices are almost always lower.


Ryanair adds extra charges for checking in luggage and for extra luggage, so we advise you to travel light. The Irish budget airline Aerlingus offers two flights per day between Barcelona Airport and Dublin Aiport, which might be a more convenient option if you are staying in Barcelona.

Please see our Companies page for more information on Ryanair.

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