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Flyglobespan offers daily flights between Girona Airport and Glasgow Airport, Scotland. Flights leave Glasgow for Girona at 9am or 3pm, and leave Girona for Glasgow at 8.55 pm or 9.10pm, taking under three hours.

Ryanair also offers daily flights between Girona Airport and Glasgow Airport. Flights leave Glasgow Prestwick Airport, which lies at 46km from the city centre. Flights currently leave Girona for Prestwick at 6pm, and leave Prestwick at 2pm for Girona at every day.


Flyglobespan is a budget airline offering flights at fairly reasonable prices (approximately 80 euros one way in high season). They also offer various extra services when you book online, such as transfers and hotels. The flights arrive at Girona at a reasonable hour, so transfer from Girona Airport to your final destination should be fairly straightforward. Glasgow city centre is very accessible from the airport, and not too far away. You have the option of checking in online with priority line if you only have hand luggage. The best way to travel to and from the city centre is on the cheap Glasgow Flyer bus which leaves every seven minutes at peak times and takes only 25 minutes. The flights into Girona arrive fairly late, but the Glasgow Flyer service runs 24 hours a day.

If you are flying with Ryanair to Prestwick, Prestwick is Scotland´s only airport with direct rail connections to the centre, operated by First Scotrail. Their trains leave the airport every half hour. Stagecoach Western also offers a bus service between the airport and city centre. The flights are daily and are during the day time so you will not have any difficulty finding transport to take you on to your final destination.


If you´re only going for a few days, try to travel light. Flyglobespan charges for every bag you check in. Ryanair also charges high rates for checking in luggage, and for extra luggage.

Prestwick is abit further from the city centre, but the train only takes half an hour.

Please see our Companies section under Flight Destinations for more details, or the airline´s website.

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